Regular Pet Sitting Visit      $25

Used for feed and water, clean litter boxes, pick up poop, administer medications, bring in mail, change blinds, take out trash, make the home look lived in.  About 30 minutes per visit.
Extended Pet Sitting Visit    $35
For multiple dogs and/or cats that may take more time to get it all done.  All of the above for Regular Visit, just for 45 minutes on average.  Also allows for more play time with the pets.

Hour Pet Sitting Visit           $40
An hour of playtime, walking, cleaning up, whatever needs to be done for the pets.  This would be required for 6 or more pets.  Allows enough time to get everything done for all animals.
Dog Walking                          $25
Half hour walk for one or two dogs.  This would be scheduled between 11am and 2 pm so it would be a good break for your puppy before you get home from work.  




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