General Policies  

A free consultation will take place in your home before any pet sitting job begins.  This gives the sitter the opportunity to get aquainted with the pets and the pets get to know the sitter.  Some pets are friendlier than others and the ones that aren?t as friendly will have that time to sniff and approve of the sitter. During this initial consultation, all forms will be filled out and keys will be given to the sitter. 

All clients will be required to sign a Service Request which outlines exactly what services are being requested, what fee will be charged and the dates these services are being requested for. There is also a Veterinary Instructions and Release form that will need to be signed in case of an emergency while you are away.



Please have a key ready during the initial consultation.  All keys are coded and locked in the office.  If you decide to use our service on a continuing basis, you can leave your key on file for your convenience.  If you prefer to have the key returned after the service, we will do so at our earliest opportunity.  We will not leave your key inside your home, in case you are delayed in returning and your pet needs more care.  Please call or email us when you do get home so we know you?ve returned safely from your trip and your pets are back in your care.  





 We accept major credit cards

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